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Why Choose Aquablue & Tips And Advice

Why we created the Aquablue One Only Policy

If you went to a garage and purchased a brand new car and your car was then delivered in bits and it was up to you to then ring round to find a mobile mechanic to put it together, would you think this was good service from the garage? No we don’t either but this is what is happening a lot with bathroom and kitchen purchases.

Nightmare Scenario

We have heard of many nightmare scenarios where bathroom suites have been purchased from one of the very large bathroom showrooms and the showroom don’t provide an installation service but they give you a business card of a local plumber.

The plumber gives a price and mentions that his ‘mate’ is a good tiler. So you order the tiles from the tile shop and they go in the garage for a week or two along with the bathroom suite.

The job starts late as the plumber was on ‘another job’ which meant that the tiler was on holiday when tiling was due to start.

An electrician is required who provides a price but can’t start for another 3 weeks due to heavy workload.

The plumber finally arrives and half fits the bathroom suite and notices that there is a crack in the bath so it’s up to the householder to go to the showroom and they are told they’ve had it for weeks so it cannot be returned, your plumber must have damaged it......I could go on.

Aquablue One Only Policy

Once you, with committed help from Aquablue, have created and selected your bathroom or kitchen, we will provide a fully detailed quotation of all costs, ensuring you have an accurate price with no hidden extras – "A Fixed Quotation". We will oversee all the work, which means you will only have one contract, one project manager, one team of professionals, and one fixed price – guaranteed!

We will take care of the complete installation: everything from CAD drawings, layout, final product choice and installation (plumbing, carpentry, tiling, plastering, and electrics) to painting the ceiling and fitting window blinds – a fully completed room "On time and on budget". We're a fully insured company, with a two-year full parts and labour warranty, and all installed to Aquablue’s renowned standard of craftsmanship.

Tips & Advice

We have seen many examples of poor workmanship on the web, and thought it might help you to choose the best installer by pointing out a few areas that show the quality of workmanship that we at Aquablue do as standard - all you have to do now is compare our work to others.

"Products do not need to be expensive to be stylish, and if fitted properly will last for many years. At Aquablue we work hard to strike a balance between value for money and quality."

  1. All focus points i.e. w/c, showers, basins, radiators, mirrors and w/c flush plates
    are installed to a very high standard, with clean and tidy plumbing and centred
    to tiling. Windows etc. are centred to wall and floor tiles, vertical tile joints etc.

  2. Tiling has no small unsightly cut tiles around focus points like shower trays or
    baths. Larger cuts are neater, and this is simply about planning ahead. Please
    do take a close look at all the photographs on this website to see top quality


  3. We do not use excessive amounts of silicon, or fail to colour-match,
    as this can look untidy. It is not meant to be used as a gap-filler, but for
    sealing out water baths and showers etc. only.


  4. All wet rooms / wet areas have no unsightly cutting of tiles. If the work is
    planned ahead and done to a high standard there is no need for things like
    enveloping of tiles. 45-degree or mosaics are neater, and are less slippery and
    safer with the drain centred within the tiles.

  5. With the plumbing of radiators please note that all pipes come out of the wall,
    which means it looks neat and tidy and is pleasing to the eye, plus it keeps
    the floor clean and clear.

  6. Valves in large shower areas are centred so they can be turned on without
    getting in the shower, but can still be operated when in the shower.
    They are also centred to tiles.

  7. Travertine has no tile trims or sharp edges. All natural stone is finished
    bull-nosed rounded, and polished with 2mm jointing. Flat surfaces, granite
    and shower seating have no plastic trims etc.

  8. No pipes or drains or boxing on show, just clean wall-to-floor tiling.

It is important to look at all companies’ photos in detail to see the standard of work and ask yourself - is there a high standard of workmanship and attention to detail?"

If you would like to discuss further please contact Carl on 07753 701767 or 01925 725647